Posted by: ktzefr | September 30, 2010

Rainy Days, Birds, and Flowers…Always Make Me Smile

rain through the leaves...

Rain, rain…

On the roof it makes for good sleeping.  In between downpours the sun tries to peek through the clouds.  My big vibernum bush in the front yard has been full of birds all day.  The dense foliage provides some cover from the rain and it’s a handy spot to perch a few feet from the bird feeders.  The birds dart from its branches to the feeders, grab a bite, and dive back into the shelter.  I sit with my window up watching the birds and listening to the rain and…working.

One of the things I like best about the rainforest is the nightly downpours.  A tinned-roof hut, a window seat to watch, a ceiling fan to stir the air…ahhhhh.  I was thinking about this today and remembering, too, the aluminum garage/shed we had when I was growing up in Kentucky.  I loved being inside it during a rain.  What a riot of sounds!  The building had two wide wooden shelves at two levels; the lower shelf held garden tools and various boxes, pots — big stuff; the high shelf was near the arched roof and was mostly empty.  It was like a tent, so you could only stand in the center.  I played there with my friends in the summer.  We’d spread a quilt on the “floor” and bring our dolls and games and baloney sandwiches, climb up, and stay for hours, especially when it rained.

The first time I went to the tropics more than 30 years ago the surroundings seemed oddly familiar.  I had one of those major deja vu moments.  Was it possible that I could have lived here in some former life?  Did I really believe that stuff?  Why does being here feel so right, so like coming home?  Perhaps it’s as simple as listening to the rain on the tin roof and smelling that wet earth scent that is so common to both the jungle — and the Appalachian woods.

Yes, I’m enjoying these rainy days, but I do hope to see the sun this weekend.


He/she looks like the last rose of summer…this used to be a common saying in Kentucky when referring to someone who had let himself/herself go (in terms of appearance).  Well, I’m not much of a rose gardener (don’t think we get enough direct sunlight), but I do have lots of other blooms.  These, however, may well end up being some of my garden’s last blooms of summer.  Still pretty good looking…

Geraniums and petunias and lots of morning glories…

I love the big blue morning glories…and the impatiens are still full of blooms.

And one lone daisy…

The hummingbirds disappeared this week.  I’ll leave the feeders out for another week or so for any stragglers coming through from the North.  The butterflies, too, seem to have disappeared the last few days and the bees can’t take this rain, but these two were still around a few days back…

And one of my favorites…

Nope, I can’t lie…this beautiful, enormous white lily is not in my garden.  It’s in a vase.  I love having these big white lilies in the house as they’re not only lovely, they also have a wonderful scent.


Ten Favorite Leads…answers for the quotes on yesterday’s blog:

1) Island of the Blue Dolphins

2) From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

3) Bridge to Terabithia

4) Belle Prater’s Boy

5) Out of the Dust

6) Kneeknock Rise

7) On the Far Side of the Mountain

8) Stargirl

9) Love that Dog

10)Pictures of Hollis Woods


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