Posted by: ktzefr | September 23, 2010

Ten Things I like that Other People Hate…

1) Rain in the tropics.  Most people fret over the tiniest possibility of rain when heading to sunny climes.  But not me.  The sun is gorgeous, blue skies are always welcomed, but I also love to listen to the night rains or take a long walk in an early morning downpour.  I’ve never melted.

2) Waiting.  Okay, I sometimes get antsy when I’m in line at the grocery store or sitting in the doctor’s office or holding on the phone.  But, if I’ve got something good to read, I may even get slightly annoyed when it’s my turn.

3) When the steak isn’t cooked right.  While some folks rush to make that first cut and check to see whether they need to call the waiter to send it back, I’ve already started enjoying the meal — be it well done, medium, medium-well, medium-rare, rare, or raw (as in a good carpaccio).  Life’s too short to get bent out of shape over a piece of meat.

4) When kids (of all ages) wear mismatched clothes — stripes with checks, flowers with paisley, reds with pinks…  I say let him/her have at it.  It may (or, perhaps, may not) be creative; it’s not criminal.

5) Weeds.  While my neighbors work diligently plucking stray crabgrass from perfect lawns, using special tools to remove the dandelions and shape the shrubs, and spraying chemicals hither and yon,  I wait for the wild violets to spring up in some new spot every year.  And I look forward to the clusters of may apples and wild strawberries and those tiny purple forest flowers that resemble the fairy slipper orchid.

6) Eating in restaurants alone.  Some people say they wouldn’t dream of going out to eat alone.  I find that it’s sometimes nice when you’ve got some thinking to do or plans to organize or a decision to make and you’re hungry and need a change of scenery.

7) Tackiness.  Skilled decorators make sure each room flows gently into the next, the perfect painting (with colors to match the carpet) hangs above the fireplace and every what not is placed just so and adds to the overall ambiance.  Not me.  I tend to decorate in what I call a “fair trade” style (if you’ve ever been to a Ten Thousand Villages store, you get the picture).  Frogs and roosters and Mexican pots.  Scenes of the Caribbean, Latino dancers, tiny villages in Ecuador.  Bright turquoise and purple and splashy tangerine.  And, of course, lots of books double shelved so you have to remove one to see what’s behind it.  Such surprises!   Ah, but a little bit of tackiness keeps it all real.

8) A change of plans.  Though this can be upsetting at times, it can also lead to the greatest moments.  What a thrill to take a wrong turn and find an entirely new — and sometimes better, more exciting — place.  A close relative of #8 is…

9) Getting lost.   Who doesn’t have a GPS in the car these days?  I don’t.  Okay, sometimes it would be helpful.  But, while some people would never think of traveling without knowing exactly where they’re going (and may fret and wring hands if they get lost), I like the adventure.  I like puzzles.  I like finding my own way from A to Z.  Who cares which way is the “right” way?  And this brings me to…

10) Doing it my way.  It riles people at times.  It’s annoying.  And I admit that I’m too much of a control freak.  I like to make the plans AND change the plans.  But I also feel a great sense of freedom in not having to…wear the latest fashions, be politically correct — or incorrect — depending on the crowd, or bend to peer pressure in any of its many forms.  I like to use my own brain (and heart) to make decisions.  Sometimes, however, I do follow the crowd — when they’re heading in the direction I want to go.

What do you like that others hate?  Comment?


  1. 11. When the numeral 8 and right paren in the list turns into a cool smiley.

    • I didn’t know why this happened and kept trying to correct it…one of those neat surprises.

  2. Now I know why I like you so much! I love the fact that you like rainy days, and getting “lost” and not fretting over what others perceive to be tacky, and I eat alone in restaurants all the time!

    • Ah, great minds…

  3. Vampires that sparkle–I adore Stephanie Meyer and think that she is a wonderful writer.

    Pale skin–I grew up in the age of Malibu Barbie, but I like my milk toast skin. Besides, baking in the sun is boring.

    Pop tarts–go great with a bottle of zinfandel. (My dinner last night.)

    • I’ll go along with the vampires and pale skin, but Pop tarts with wine??

      • we were out of doritos 🙂

  4. Lovely post. I just found you on Twitter & already I’m a fan.

    What do I like that others hate? After what happened this morning, I’d have to say reserving judgment. Boy, do some people get uncomfortable if they can’t go ahead and categorize someone right away!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Meredith.

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