Posted by: ktzefr | August 10, 2010

To Come and Go Like Magic: Parents’ Choice Awards

To Come and Go Like Magic has been named a Parents’ Choice Recommended Book!


Spring 2010 Fiction

This charming story set in rural Kentucky, and told by seventh-grader Chileda Sue Mahoney is a sweet and poignant coming-of-age tale about families and what it means to call a place “home”.

Chili wants out. She wants to travel and see the world. She dreams of oceans and cities beyond the coal smoke and sawdust of hometown Mercy Hill. For her, leaving is all that matters. As she temporarily satisfies her wanderlust through Miss Matlock’s dusty exotic travel books, she notes there’s not even one speck on Miss Matlock’s globe to show Mercy Hill. Chili’s observations are sharp and her colloquialism enriches every page…  (Click HERE to see the rest of the review.)



  1. Yeah Katie! That’s wonderful news, but not at all surprising.
    I loved your vanilla expo, I have a small bottle of Hawaiian vanilla, it’s just too expensive to actually use.:)

    • Use it Beth…it will evaporate!

  2. Kudos, Katie! I echo the accolade–your book is a gem that I am pleased to be able to recommend to all my students. Ditto “Kite Dreams.” Such a pleasure to read–and reread 🙂

    • Thanks Helen. I’m on a roll blogging about books by women travelers these days, digging up all sorts of good stuff from the past.

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