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To Come and Go Like Magic: More Readers Write

To Come and Go Like Magic available in paperback March 8, 2011!

More Online Reviews of To Come and Go Like Magic

Tina at books are my thing says…

“Fawcett has done an amazing job with her story… There was a lot for me to like in this book. I loved the setting and time period. I loved the way Fawcett set this story up, using vignettes of Chili’s life. I loved Chili’s friendship with one of the “welfares,” Willie, and how it developed over time. I loved the quirkiness of the characters. I loved the lessons Chili learned… I so hope that somehow this gem is discovered…  Fawcett has created a wonderful debut novel.”

Check out the following reviews at goodreads:

Angela says…

“This is exactly the kind of book I read as a kid – it’s a sweet, slow, coming-of-age story, set in the south and a few decades ago. To Come and Go Like Magic reminds me a lot of Salted Lemons – a book I loved when I was growing up. I loved the crowded family feeling, and the way the main character, Chileda, learned that her friends and family weren’t perfect.”

Constance says…

“Gorgeous writing–understated and filled with humor and honesty. Compelling characters. This is a coming of age story of a girl growing up in the Kentucky hills who can’t wait to escape her small town and see the world. Best children’s book I’ve read this year and Newbery worthy.”

Click HERE to see all 37 ratings and 17 reviews for To Come and Go Like Magic at goodreads.

Also check out the reviews at and, if you’ve read the book, consider adding your own comments!

Click HERE for links to additional reviews for To Come and Go Like Magic.


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