Posted by: ktzefr | May 26, 2010

Nothing but Blue Skies…and a few clouds

“There’s an enormous comfort knowing/we all live under this same sky,/whether in New York or Dhaka,/we see the same sun and same moon…” ~  Zia Hyder (Bangladesh)

But…some of us have sunshine today; others have rain or snow or stiff winds to brush away the clouds.  Kids like to find animals and faces and flowers in the cloud formations.  Sometimes grownups do, too.  It doesn’t take much energy to lie on your back in the spring grass and simply look up…

Words from the world’s poets… “Skies” courtesy of Tish in Kentucky.  Click HERE to see her Kentucky gallery.


“I entered the garden of my childhood days after/the storm had passed over.  A gentle breeze was/blowing and the sky was blue…”  ~ Nirendranath Chakravarti (India)

two blue eyes or a huge white boot...

“The lines in old people’s hands/bend over slowly and soon point toward the earth./They take their secret language there with them,/words from the clouds and letters from the winds…”  ~  Rolf Jacobsen (Norway)

“You/Look a while at me, Look a while at a cloud./I feel/You are far away while looking at me,/So very close while looking at the cloud…”  ~  Gu Cheng (China)

“They shall all be here one day/You are in the western hemisphere/And you are in the far South./Who are you waiting alone and wearied/In the wintry North?/I am the East, we shall be meeting at the ferry.”  ~  Vijaya Mukhopadhyay (India)

“The children looked at the sky: it was not forbidden./Mouth, nose, eyes were open.  There was no/danger.”  ~ Carlos Drummond de Andrade (Brazil)


Millions of children around the world must learn early in life the things that are “forbidden” to them.  It’s good to know that looking at the sky is not one of them!  So, if you’re out and about, look up and enjoy.



  1. In a child’s eye, images of faces, critters and more appear inside a cloud. I guess the kid in me still lives as I search through each and every formation to see what my mind allows me to see. Never is there a dull moment as I sit and wonder, what next, will I see. Thanks for posting my images. I really enjoy photography and the beauty I capture with each small click.

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