Posted by: ktzefr | May 1, 2010

Derby Day! Celebrating Horses…

Mint juleps.  Money.  Manure.  It’s the first Saturday in May!

I must admit that I haven’t kept up with the latest horse news and don’t know the name of a single horse in the race.  I could google right this minute and spout off the line up and make people think I’m on top of things, but I won’t.  I will be at the race, however.  Well, not actually BE there in person, but I’ll be sitting in front of the tube being there in spirit.  Perhaps today I’ll imagine being amongst the well-dressed ladies in their hats and heels, noticing the photogs and smiling into the camera.

The only time I’ve been to the Kentucky Derby I was sitting in the infield with a million other young people.  We started out crammed together, shoulder to shoulder, outside the entrance gates for what seemed like hours before the gates opened and we were able to move a few inches at a time.  People were hot and sweaty and excited carrying coolers of Cokes and beer, watermelon on ice, chips and dips and special brownies.  One big group behind us had fried chicken in several coolers and, when the gate opened, everybody rushed and pushed forward all at once and fried chicken went flying everywhere!  Smashed in the stampede.  A wild group of people can be worse than horses.

Once in the infield we all claimed a space and spread out our blankets and quilts and beach towels.  There was not an inch of shade.  Restroom lines were long.  We listened to the Derby on the transistor radio and raced from one side of the infield to the other, pushing through folks, jumping over blankets, to catch the end of the race because the crowd was too thick to plow through to catch the beginning.  I remember getting a quick glimpse of a couple of horses.  Don’t know which ones.

One person in our group won twenty dollars, but the winning-window lines were way too long to stand for hours just to collect twenty bills.  I can’t say that I really SAW the Derby, but I had a terrific time!

Today, I’ll do what I do every year when the horses line up.  I’ll get teary-eyed watching them prance to the gates, listening to My Old Kentucky Home (with the ladies-in-the-big-hats pretending they know the words), and seeing the roses placed on the winner.  It’s all good!

A few pics of my favorite Kentucky horses — no racing possibilities here, just useless family pets, but aren’t they pretty?

Horses at Pickard Farm in Kentucky

Fields in the Kentucky hills...

THANKS to my son Dylan for taking these fab photos!

(If you’ve got money on the race, good luck.  But, of course, ALL of you can’t win.  But you can have a good time!)

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