Posted by: ktzefr | April 27, 2010

Women Travelers: Three More Adventures

I never liked history in school.  I hated memorizing dates and names and places.  So I was immensely happy when I finished my final history course for college graduation, after having done what I needed to do to get by (i.e. earn a “C”).  I was rather surprised some years later when I took a real liking to history.  It was through the novelists and poets, the short story and travel writers,  I chose to read that got me looking back to other times.  When I saw the world — or a small part of it — through the eyes of a storyteller, the place and time and people came alive, the connections made sense.  Sometimes I think the teaching of history gets so caught up in memorizing the “facts” that the truth of our world and its people gets lost.  History ought to be fun!

So…what does this have to do with books by women travelers?  I chose these three, not merely because the women are travelers and writers, but also for the place(s) and times in history…

Travel across China and Russia by train, Iran on an old moped, Africa by dugout canoe…great adventures all!

Wall-to-Wall: From Beijing to Berlin by Rail by Mary Morris

Through Iran in Disguise by Sarah Hobson  (Originally titled Through Persia in Disguise)

Travels with Fortune: An African Adventure by Christina Dodwell

Click HERE to see my reviews for all three (or check out all reviews under the tab, “On Books and Writing”).


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