Posted by: ktzefr | March 22, 2010

Cherry Blossom Watch: Bloom News from D.C.

From my garden!

Lawmakers in this city enjoy being in control or trying to be in control or remembering how it felt when they were in control, but none of the DC infighting and backbiting and politicking means one iota to Mother Nature — who is ALWAYS in control of her particular bailiwick.  The cherry blossoms?  They’ll bloom when they bloom!

National bloom!

These gorgeous trees were a gift from Japan back in 1912 and they are still spectacular after all these years…At the moment there’s a “bloom watch” with the annual Cherry Blossom Festival taking place from March 27 – April 11.  The current forecast is that the blooms will likely be at their peak between April 1 – April 4.  So, if you live here and are planning a trip into town, this is the time to go.  It’s also the time when everyone else will be there!  If you’re coming from out of town, get reservations now.  For up-to-date info about the blossoms, check out the festival site.

If you can’t get to D.C., but you still want to take a peek at the blossoms, have a look at my artist friend Kathy’s website.  Click on “gallery of photography” for some stunning shots of the blooms around the Tidal Basin (and also some great beach pics from the Eastern Shore).  Enjoy!



  1. Looks great Katie and thanks. Also, love the comment about Mother Nature doing what she wants no matter what goes on in the world.

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