Posted by: ktzefr | March 18, 2010

Birdwatching from my window, seventy degrees and sunny, the snow a distant memory…

“One by one, the birds sheer/off abruptly,/but return to their place/in the sky, held there/like children’s kites.” ~ Kevin Perryman (Bavaria)

They fill the bushes, cling to the feeder and the suet, until someone opens a door or the trash truck comes roaring down the street.  The family of blue jays comes by every morning for peanuts and then they disappear.  Cardinals, titmice, doves, and chickadees fly in and out.  There are only a few brief periods during the day when the birdfeeders stop swinging.  (Click on the pics to enlarge.)

Purple Finch with sunlit eye

Purple finch at the feeder

Fox Sparrow and Purple Finch


Check out the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, a great online guide for backyard birdwatching.

Buds on the snowball bush and the lilac and the almond…in the hills of Kentucky the redbud is thinking about blooming, in DC the cherry blossoms are on the verge, in the mountains of Mexico the jacaranda are almost ready to throw their gorgeous blue clouds at the sky!  In the days to come I’ll have lots of pictures of my favorite flowers from my favorite places.  Two days ’till spring…and counting!



  1. I love it — birds are my favorite creatures.

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