Posted by: ktzefr | January 30, 2010

News and Reviews…

Only 11 more days until To Come and Go Like Magic is released!  I love Jen Lobo’s cover art…it looks like the butterflies are about to take flight!

Some exciting news…READ Magazine/Weekly Reader included an excerpt from To Come and Go Like Magic in the January 8, 2010 issue.  The piece is in a writing feature called “Writing with the Senses” and it’s in great company — among excerpts from Anne of Green Gables and Jack London’s “To Build a Fire.”

Other excerpts and additional comments about the book appear in “It’s a First” at…

A review is also scheduled to appear in School Library Journal in February.  I’ll share quotes after the the review has been published.

Wild Girls Mother/Daughter Book Club in San Francisco has selected To Come and Go Like Magic, along with Jane Smiley’s The Georges and the Jewels and Sharon Creech’s The Unfinished Angel for their spring reads…again, it’s great to be included in such good company!

A few places to order copies:

*Several places offer discounts for pre-orders!!



  1. Katie,
    You are right. To be included in the company of Jane Smiley and Sharon Creech is quite an honor. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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