Posted by: ktzefr | January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

The new year started off with a 38-degree morning. Perfect! I usually walk two miles before breakfast every day, but the weekend before Christmas we got almost two feet of snow and, for a couple of days, I walked back and forth in the driveway — with a snow shovel!

I thought all this had changed on January 1 when I went outside in the warm-ish weather, sidewalks melted, and fed the squirrels and birds. We have a family of blue jays that come every morning for their peanuts and a family of squirrels that come every day all day long for anything we’ll give them. One squirrel is fairly domesticated; we named him Fuzzy and he comes to the front door for his peanuts. So…fed the wild critters and headed off on my walk…a huge hawk swooped across my path and into a neighbor’s tree. Don’t know what he saw with those keen eyes — no chipmunks around. I’m hoping it’s not my mourning doves he’s spotted.

The morning went swell until I turned on my computer, clicked on a site without reading the small print carefully, and the screen filled with warnings of viruses and worms and bugs of all sorts. Technologically challenged, I reached for the cell phone and disturbed my son’s outing at the mall for advice. Long story short…we (my son, a cadre of his computer savvy friends, and the IT neighbor next door) spent part of the next three days playing with the laptop. It’s working now — maybe; I’m giving it a vacation and have gone back to the old reliable, but very slow, desktop.

So…besides being a writer, traveler…all those things I mention in my BIO, I am also a collector of quotes. Over the years I have filled notebooks with quotes by famous and not-so-famous people. I could have picked many different ones to start a blog, but I chose this one because I love the image of throwing dreams into space like a kite and waiting to see what comes back. Many times I’ve tossed a dream in the air and had it return offering a new experience, a new friend, or a new country. In this blog I’ll share stories about the experiences and people and faraway places that inspire me and the ones that finally led me back to Appalachia to write To Come and Go Like Magic.



  1. You are a very gifted writer and I look forward to reading more from you!

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